About us

Who We Are

DogsHealthBlog.com is a blog created by dog lovers for dog lovers. We are a team of passionate dog lovers that have loved dogs and cared for them since we were kids. Our passion for dogs is the force that drives us to share our knowledge and insights.

Our Mission

DogsHealthBlog.com aims to provide the readers a source of health information, tips, and advice on how to keep your dog healthy and to improve the lives of our canine friends.

Our Team

Katie Scott

Katie loves the small dogs and has had Yorkies and Poodles most of her life. Her love of dogs began when she was 4 when her mom got her the first dog she ever owned. It was a Yorkie she called Mocha which she loved the most. After graduating from college, she volunteers at a dog rescue shelter, and this offers her the chance to give something back to the community. Being a volunteer also widens her social circle and makes her feel appreciated.

Heather Simons

Heather is just a great lover of animals in general. She frequently jokes that her home is like a zoo, as she has birds, lizards, fishes, two dogs, a cat, and a pair of hamsters. If she could be anywhere, it would be out in the wilderness. In her spare time, she loves to camp and go hiking. She has been providing insight into raising animals for about 10 years and has had several articles published on various sites. She not only writes, but edits materials as well, and the local newspaper in her community publishes her articles on the proper care of animals.

Jeanne Wagner

Jeanne is a volunteer at a local animal shelter where she gains a huge amount of knowledge working with animals. She has taken care of a wide breed of dogs and cats. She has some really crazy stories to tell for sure. Jeanne currently owns two Siberian Huskies, Jack and Jill. Dogs are her true passion, as she has had one in her life for as long as she can remember. The love of dogs runs in her family as her two sisters and brother each has a dog, and her parents have one as well. Jeanne does not get too much time for hobbies, but she loves to write and to paint. Her dogs are her favorite muse.

Charlie Stephenson

Charlie is a long-time writer who has been writing for websites since he was 18. He has written on a large variety of topics, but pets are his favorite. He is one of the editors of this site, wanting to not only write, but also to provide a place where writers could present good information about dogs. Charlie is also an avid marathoner. He runs between 10-12 miles per day and has finished over 90 marathons in his life.