Can Dogs Eat Bagels? Are Bagels Safe For Dogs?

When you are trying to be clear on what you can and cannot feed your dog, you are likely to consider a whole range of foods that you might just have in your cupboard at home already. This is important as you probably want to save money, and it is good to bear in mind that you need to keep your dog’s diet as healthy as possible, which generally means keeping it wide and varied and not simply sticking to the same old dog food all of the time. With that in mind, one of the common questions that many dog owners have is whether or not their dog can eat bagels. Let’s take a look at this in some detail now.

Essentially, it is probably best to avoid giving bagels to your dog. Bread of any kind is generally not a great thing for your dog to eat, as it is heavy and full of carbs and might also contain any other number of ingredients which they really shouldn’t have.

It is also not nutritious in the first place, so there is little point in giving your dog bread anyway from that point of view. Of course, bagels are just another form of bread, so you should absolutely make sure that you are not giving your dog bagels either. Let’s take a look at why you should avoid giving your dog bagels of any kind at any point.


The main reason that you should avoid giving your dog bagels is that you can’t quite be sure that all of the ingredients on the bagel are not dangerous for your dog. Although bread itself is not going to massively harm your dog in any profound or lasting way, there could be something in or on a bagel which does exactly that, and so it is just much safer to avoid giving them bagels at all. Besides, as we have already noted, it is also the case that there is not much of nutritional value to a bagel, so it’s not really something that your dog is going to need or get much out of in that sense anyway.

On top of all of that, bagels are high in carbohydrates and gluten, and those two things are not going to be that good for your dog. They can lead to sluggishness and obesity, which in turn can be actually lethal for your dog. They might end up getting more serious problems as a result of obesity, such as heart disease or diabetes, and this could lead in turn to death. So it is clearly best to avoid giving your dog bagels at all, even if you are convinced that just one couldn’t hurt. You never know how much it might affect them in the long run.

Are Bagels Bad For Dogs?

All in all, yes: bagels are bad for dogs. With the possibility of causing heart problems, diabetes and death, and because you never quite know what might be in or on a bagel, they are generally considered bad for dogs. You should avoid giving bagels to your dog at all at any time.

Can Dogs Eat Poppy Seed Bagels?

Poppy seed bagels

We have said how bagels are bad for dogs, partly because of the fact that there might be ingredients on them which your dog responds poorly to. One type of bagel which might cause particular harm in this way is a poppy seed bagel. This is one of the most common kinds of bagel out there, and you might even find a bagel has them without you at first realizing it. However, poppy seeds are not something that you want to give to your dog. In general, they are so bad for dogs that you can even consider them to be toxic, and as such you should definitely avoid giving your dog any bagels that have poppy seeds on them. So even if you are giving your dog the occasional bagel (not advised) then you should take extra care to ensure that there are not poppy seeds on it.

Can Dogs Eat Blueberry Bagels?

As we have already been through, you shouldn’t really be giving your dog bagels of any kind, so obviously blueberry bagels are going to be best avoided as well. However, there are other reasons that you should also avoid these, and the main problem is the blueberries themselves. While blueberries are considered a superfood for humans, full of antioxidants and so on, for dogs they are very bad news indeed, and even potentially lethal. You should therefore make sure that you are doing whatever you can to avoid giving your dog any blueberry bagels at all, as just one could be very bad for them.

Other Ingredients To Avoid

Bunch of onionsBunch of onions

There are many other ingredients that may have gone into the making of a bagel which you can’t necessarily see, and which are especially harmful to dogs. For instance, much of the time there will be some amount of onion that went into a bagel, and this is bad news as onions are absolutely toxic for dogs to eat, in the sense that just a little can be fatal. Clearly, therefore, you don’t want to take a risk with bagels at all, and you should simply make sure that you avoid giving them to your dog at any time.

Dogs Can’t Eat Bagels

So the answer is clear in this case: no, you should not give bagels to your dog, not even occasionally. You never know whether there might be something in it that causes a quick and sudden decline in health, and in any case they are only going to become overweight and sluggish as a result of eating such high-carb foods. Make sure that you avoid feeding your dog any bagels at all in the future if you want to ensure you are looking after them. It just isn’t worth the risk, and you will find that you regret doing it.

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