Can Dogs Eat Oranges? Are Oranges Safe For Dogs?

Can Dogs Eat Oranges

In short: Yes, oranges are safe for dogs.

Oranges are not toxic towards dogs, however they should be given to them in moderation. Oranges are high in sugar, which can cause an upset stomach if your pet eats too many of them.

We have also explored some of the webs frequently asked questions in relation to dogs and oranges, so be sure to give them a read before going anywhere.

Are Oranges Good For Dogs?

There are some health benefits of oranges for your pooch, yes.

Oranges are packed with folate, potassium, thiamine and the famous Vitamin C. These nutrients can help boost your dog's immune system and work towards clearing out any toxic substances your dog may have ingested.

It is not uncommon for dogs to experience a Vitamin C deficiency, so using oranges to replace that can be a convenient and effective solution.

Are Oranges Bad For Dogs?

Bowl of oranges

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As we mentioned in the previous point, oranges are high in Vitamin C. However, they are also high in natural sugar.

Natural sugar is fine for your dog in small quantities, however as with too much of anything, it can cause your dog some irritation. A common side effect is an upset stomach and sometimes vomiting or diarrhea. If your dog is diabettic then the high sugar levels in oranges should be taken into account.

Whilst feeding your dog a slice of orange is fine, it's worth considering your pets size before allowing them to eat any more. A full orange or often feeding of oranges could cause the side effects as mentioned above.

You should also avoid allowing your dog to eat any seeds or the pith as this may present a choking hazard, especially if your dog is a smaller breed.

Can Dogs Eat Mandarin Oranges?

Mandarins are not too dissimilar to oranges. Smaller in size, but they contain the same nutritional values.

With that in mind, they also contain natural sugars and pose the same risks as regular oranges.

Your dog is fine to eat mandarin oranges, but please consider the side effects mentioned in the previous points.

Can Dogs Drink Orange Juice?

Picture of orange juice

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No, your dog should not be allowed to drink orange juice.

Do not be tempted to give your dog orange juice even if it is all natural. Think of it as a concentrated source of all the good and bad nutritional values of oranges.

We highly recommend sticking to water when it comes to hydrating your pet.

Can Dogs Eat Orange Peels?

No, orange peels are bad for dogs.

Orange peels are not toxic for dogs, however your dog will have a hard time digesting these. As a result, your dog may experience an upset stomach and the unpleasantries that follow.

Be sure to peel the orange first before giving it to your dog.

Best Way To Feed My Dog Oranges?

We highly recommend giving your dog a small amount of orange and first, then slowly increase to see how they react. We suggest one segment a day at first, then gradually increase. Any side effects your dog may come across, should be eliminated easily with this method.

Maybe this isn’t the answer you were looking for, but when it comes to dogs and oranges, the simpler the better.

What If My Dog Doesn't Like Oranges?

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If your dog doesn’t like oranges then that’s not a big deal. As oranges don’t provide any real nutritional value to dogs, you shouldn’t worry.

However, we suggest that you follow the steps of eating the orange yourself first (attracting your dogs attention), then look to offer it to them that way. You may be left with some mashed up orange in your hand if they decide to spit it out, but at least you tried.

Feel free to try this multiple times if you have the patience, but ultimately, it might be a battle that you will never win.

Are There Any Alternatives To Oranges?

If your dog doesn’t like oranges but you would like to give them a healthy treat, then why not consider any of the safe alternatives below.

As with oranges, please look to give your pet the alternatives in moderation. Although none of these contain toxic elements, your pet may react differently.


If your dog does like oranges, then that’s great. However moderation is key here. Be patient with your pooch and be sure to monitor how they react.

If not, then consider giving them another healthy snack from the list above.

How does your dog react to oranges? Let us know in the comments below.

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